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Batik Wraps

The new pashmina in town! Our batik wraps are versatile, an all-rounder! Style it out with anything, everything, they make a good match. Take it to anywhere, everywhere, they fit in just fine.

Batik Scarves

Hijabatique, the new black & white. We all enjoy being comfortable and playing it safe when it comes to fashion-styling. However, a change is as good as a rest. Give our batik scarves a go and no turning back assured !

Batik Kaftans

Well-marked on its own. You don't need any accessories to style your batik, batik itself is your accessory. Wear it with confidence and you're good to go. Making a statement effortlessly.


Fits your desired style. Our batik sets are available in 3-piece set, consists of top, bottom and selendang and 2-piece set, consists of top and bottom. Make your favourite design a reality. Do it yourself, DIY!

2-in-1 Signature Piece

Our 2 in 1 is a multi-purpose batik wear. Put it on as a shrug or selempang it over as a selendang, they swing both ways. Convenient and wearable.